How to Find and Sell Humble Gifts

Justin Koreis
Game Skinny

Giving may not be the first thing on your mind as a pirate in Sea of Thieves, so what do you do with a Humble Gift?

Whether you are a seasoned Pirate Legend or a sailor fresh out of the Maiden Voyage, you probably have an idea what to do with most of the loot you encounter in Sea of Thieves. Chests of gold go to the Gold Hoarders, supplies to the Merchants, skulls to the Order of Souls, and so on. But there’s one type of item that pops up from time to time that can be a bit perplexing. What in the world is a ruthless pirate to do with a Humble Gift?

Sea of Thieves: How to Find and Sell Humble Gifts

There are two gift items in Sea of Thieves. The Humble Gift is the most common and is worth five Doubloons, while the Generous Gift is worth 10 Doubloons. Both appear as small rectangular packages and can be carried by hand or stored in a container chest. They were originally introduced in 2019 during the Festival of Giving.

These gifts can only be sold to the Reaper of Souls trading company. You must ferry them to the Reaper’s Hideout, located near the center of the Sea. You can find it on your map at location I-12.

Once you arrive at the island, head inside the large structure in the center. There is a person inside in a gold mask called The Servant of the Flame. Hand the Gift to them to earn your Doubloons. It’s not clear why they want it or what they do with it, but who doesn’t appreciate a gift every now and then?

You can turn in the gifts yourself, but there is some incentive to turn them over to other crews. The Bountiful Giving, Bountiful Giving for Many, and Bountiful Giving for All commendations are awarded for another crew selling a Gift you donated 1, 15, and 30 times, respectively.

The Gifts can be found in a few different ways. Clearing a Skeleton Fort and unlocking the treasure vault guarantees at least a few gifts. The treasure maps dropped by random Skeletons Captains as “Skeleton’s Orders” can lead to Gifts. Or you can find through plain old dumb luck; Gifts will occasionally just wash ashore on Islands as you explore.

Gifts and giving may not come naturally to some pirates, but at least you know how to get your Doubloons worth when you sell a Humble or Generous Gift.